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About Us What & who makes us tick!

Founded by People with a Passion for Automotive Sales

ConnexAutos was founded by a team of automotive experts with over 85 years of combined technology and internet automotive retail experience. Our dynamic team only has one common goal and that is to help dealers realizing their true sales potential with simple and targeted tools. We combine our automotive retail expertise with machine learning technology to engage your dealership’s online visitors according to their activities and buying interests. It is simple! Our service turns your online visitors to customers.

The success of ConnexAutos’ inMarketID is evident in the ever growing number of dealers utilizing this powerful system. To learn more about inMarketID, contact our sales team today!

95% of visitors leave dealership websites without ever becoming a lead!

Apply traditional sales techniques to a digital age

A customer walks onto your lot and begins looking at your inventory. Naturally, you have trained your team to connect with potential customers, to assure their needs are being met. inMarketID makes this connection process possible in a digital realm, in a way that is comfortable for your customers. Engaging with potential buyers early in their purchasing journey results in more sales opportunities and happier customers. inMarketID is your frontline sales team on your websites. It establishes relationship with your website visitors and makes certain that best possible shopping experience on your website is achieved.

inMarketID unleashes the power of your website

inMarketID monitors your website visitors 24/7. It collects your shopper preferences and provides the information in a reporting dashboard. Within minutes your website visitors can be identified and connected with your sales staff in a meaningful way.

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